status: competition proposal
team: Anca Cioarec, Brîndușa Tudor

The Romanian term for attic is pod. But in our language this word is a homonym. Besides attic, it also means bridge. Apparently there is no common ground between these two semantic vectors.The attic is for its house the upper space. Along with the basement it defines a vertical axis of the rational-irrational dialectics. We access the attic by climbing, following a vertical path of uplifting and enlightenment. It is an individual process, in the pursuit of the inner self or of the things beyond. It is the space of introversion, of enclosure towards the inside (if we think about the opaque walls and floor), but also the space of the opening towards the universal (the window towards the sky). It is the place of meeting superior inside and outside worlds. The bridge is the connection between two worlds. It is the tool for trespassing, a link, the anti-obstacle. It offers possibility, it is a way. It opens a channel between two universes. It starts the dialogue, the negotiation.The stair is a vertical bridge.Therefore, the attic-bridge is an intermediary place between earth and sky, between the mundane and the celestial world.
It is the suspended atmosphere where meeting angels becomes possible.