The scene behind the scene

status: completed
team: Anca Cioarec, Brîndușa Tudor

Any building that is specialized in the production of a form of spectacle, is hiding behind the publicly accessible spaces a fascinating world, that in a way, is even more impressive than any performance showed on stage. It is a world full of images, of distorted dance movements, of tailors pushing hangers covered in textiles and obsessive repetitions of the same passage. The project presents a scenario of this microcosm of the building, the management area of an institution for the production of spectacle.

Interpreting elements such as wood panelling, coffered ceiling and wooden frames, the space is configured in a dramatic note with a dynamic crescendo that end with the conference room, where an intense shade of red climbs on the floor, on chairs and then on the round table, as if a piece of the great hall is embodied here at a smaller-scale, in a space for a different type of rehearsal.