După Iniște

status: built
team: Anca Cioarec, Brîndușa Tudor

The apartment in După Iniște desires to communicate with the context. It is an interior that borrows the verticality, the rhythm, the height and the sharp air of a forest; of the tall pine trees, of the mountain. As a sensation and an experience of dwelling, it is closer to breath, to the fresh air in the morning, to the dew and the raindrops. It is a tall and rhythmic space, where the shapes are clear, in a defined geometry. Contrasting textures come together, joining each other and revealing different cutouts.

The apartment is located in Brașov, quite close to the historical centre and surrounded by a spectacular mountain scenery.

The first intention was to create a direct relation between the inside of the house and its surroundings, to suggest an atmosphere that would invite the landscape subtly inside.

The project theme, in a way, was following the very first thought. The client appreciated various types of wood and dense, saturated colours. He wanted a rather dark and intense interior atmosphere. And those clear lines became a new tool of defining and outlining the exterior views inside the house.

Therefore, in a neutral intense grey background (the walls, the ceilings and the floor) we defined different corners of the house for different dwelling experiences. The kitchen with its upper body of lacquered beech veneered MDF and the dark blue-grey painted base was rather exhibited on a carpet of cement tiles. The office area was covered in oak veneer, creating a dense space for study and focus. And while the bedroom opened itself to the outside through a tall wardrobe, the livingroom invited the light inside through the filter of the dining-room, a cherry bow window protected by two rows of green curtains.

photo credits: Mark Lorant Mihat