status: proposal
team: Anca Cioarec, Brîndușa Tudor

I woke up early that morning and I left in a hurry, immersing my senses in the beginning of that day of May.

Here I was.

Maybe a bit too early. A door opened. It was almost quiet. And a gentle light was carressing the long nude coloured space. On the left there was a folding screen, in front a tall and slender object. They looked like curiosities to me. I wondered what was hiding behind the screen and where do those little doors led in the wooden object. On the right there was a white wall with two cutouts of doors. And it continued with the translucent wall that vaguely reavealed some silhouettes.

I sat on the bench. The sounds seemed to bring in what I had lived outside, the room was surrounded in bird songs and raindrops. And the smell...the smell was of the beginning of May and it seemed to come out of that skinny tall object. I couldn't resist. I opened the first door...and I found a porcelain teapot.

I turned to the folding screen. There was a mirror behind. I smiled on my own, hidden behind that screen until the beech door opened.

a possible patient