Bucharest, Romania
status: completed

coordinators: Stardust Architects, Atelier Vast
organisers: Salonul de Proiecte

curator: Vlad Albu

participants: Lavinia Călinescu, Simona Constantin, Ella Costache, Roberta Curcă, Ioana Marin, Teodor Papadopol, Mihai Popescu, Diana Sava, Vanessa Singenzia, Ioana Terheș

photocredits: Vlad Albu, Roald Aron, the workshp participants

The Bench 2x5 is an object designed and produced in 4 days by a group of 10 people. It appeared as part of the Close Spaces workshop curated by Vlad Albu and hosted by Salonul de Proiecte and it represented an instrument of questioning the mechanisms of negotiation of intimacy in public space. It is either a closed, circular object, or an open object made of 5 modules placed at a certain distance.

Each fragment was drawn by a team of two and it focused on a specific manner of sitting on a bench. They afterwards negotiated with the bench nearby in order to be able to sit properly one next to each other and, finally, the whole group analysed and decided upon the togetherness they have achieved by putting the pieces aside.

The bench was exhibited at Salonul de Proiecte in the Encountered Trajectories exhibition (june 2020) and at the National Museum of Arts in the Shaping Design. Together exhibition (june 2021).